Welcome to Dabbenport Extracts

Award Winning Cannabis Extraction Services ~

Dabbenport Extracts is a California based extraction company offering award winning extraction & refinement services to the cannabis industry throughout the Bay Area & greater California area + Oregon, Washington & Puerto Rico


Fractional Distilled cannabis with a high potency for a strong / powerful effect –

“Live Action”

Premium fresh frozen or dried cured material that is ultra refined through a true single solvent dewaxing process.

“Sugar Wax”

Our traditional sugar wax consists of quality material with a sugary texture, providing a flavorful / smooth effect –


Dabbenport Extracts offers professional consultation services for all fields of interest with cannabis processing ; closed loop extraction, distillation & filtration techniques –

Vendors & Wholesale

Dabbenport Extracts offers our products at wholesale pricing to vendors that work with prop 215 collectives, contact us directly for order placement & availability.

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