Dabbenport Consultation Services

Closed Loop Extraction, Distillation & Filtration ~

Dabbenport Extracts offers professional consultation services for all fields of interest with cannabis processing ; closed loop extraction, distillation & filtration techniques. Our specialists are also available for on-site consultations to aid with build outs, equipment walk-thru & legal regulations. Or you can join us in our state of the art facility for the complete experience.

Consultation Services ~

We offer professional closed loop extraction services – working directly with Sweet Leaf Extractors & other industry leaders for equipment manufacturing to provide our clients with the best system based on their exact needs.

Understanding the importance of a single solvent dewax & how to properly filter your products for preparation prior to extraction is critical for quality control.

Our team has experience in advanced distillation & refinement techniques that can polish almost any product.

On site consultations are for special needs clients that need one of our professionally trained team members to travel to any “on-site” facility to aid with everything from licensing / regulation, lab equipment layout, SOP, hands on training, etc. Contact us directly to discuss –